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    Maserati Tradition

    we can't forget what really lies at the root of the Maserati tradition

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    Pleasure of refined, spacious yet functional surroundings.

    The design of the Quattroporte's interior is the perfect extension of the exterior styling, its luxurious functionality encompassing the Quattroporte's twin personalities

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    Eight cylinders of thoroughbred temperament

    A normally aspirated 4244 cc 90 degree V8 is the new generation Maserati power unit chosen for the Quattroporte.

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    Clean air, onboard computer, TV and concert hall quality music.

    The automatic separate front and rear climate control that comes as standard with the Quattroporte guarantees optimal onboard conditions.

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    Dynamic GT driving at the touch of a button

    The skyhook adaptive damping system is controlled by software designed to offer optimum in-car comfort

  • Luxury woods and natural leather

    If a car is to be truly special, it has to meet its owner's every need and desire: just the right leather (natural if necessary) or stitching colour and solid woods with grain, inlays and colours that can either contrast or match.

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    Bespoke styling at its best.

    The personalisation programme has been developed for the Quattroporte that is worthy of any couturier. Their unparalleled catalogues of bespoke options allow owners to literally put together their very "own" Quattroporte.

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Southampton Luxury Maserati Wedding Car | Wedding Car Service And More

Wedding & Proms Packages In Hampshire 


wedding Photography

Package 1 £300.00

We will pick up the Bride, Father of the Bride, from your


Then on to church and Venue for Bride and groom

Package 2 £340.00

We will pick up bridesmaids then onto church bride and father of the bride, Then on to church and Venue for Bride and groom.

Wedding Photography

Package 3 Price’s From £840.00

Book Iris Photography & Design for your wedding photography and have a Maserati Quattroporte car half price. This package come with a very beautiful gift box DVD, USB & Photographs printed inside. 

If you would like see more of Iris Photography 

Click here for more info

www.irisphoto.co.uk or call 07977884443  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wedding Photography

As above but with two Maserati Quattroporte cars.

£40.00 Per extra trip that is made.

£60.00 Deposit (non returnable) Package 1,2.

£80.00 Booking fee (non returnable) Package 3 We will give you a bottle of Prosecco (where available Chilled, on board) to celebrate after you leave the church. Also to stop off anywhere thats on route to take photographs with the photographer.



 Prom Nights From £299 Photography & Car 

Would you like pro photographer for your Prom with complementary Luxury Maserati ride?

The Maserati Quattroporte is the flagship model in the Maserati range. This car was over £100,000 when new, a car for’ The rich and famous.’  Powered by this beautiful V8 engine, designed by Maserati, built by Ferrari.  This car is 90% Ferrari, full of luxury and chuffer driven. Designed to seat 3 passengers.
The photography is outstanding, I have been voted the 150 photographers in the world in 2012/13 two years running. I will take a mix of Black and White and colour. This will take place where you wish to be picked up. The Ladies will look stunning and the Gentleman will look impeccable, as you drape yourself over the hand built Maserati.
I will come before time at least 30 minutes before time so I can get the most important photography, making sure the Men look like James Bond... you are paying me for my photography and the Maserati is a bonus.
If you would like to be treated as star, please do get in touch because Alluring luxury is just a phone call away. 


Prom Photography Prom Photography
Prom Photography  Prom Photography