Terms & Conditions

1. Only 4 passengers’ prom / wedding hire 3 passengers can be carried in this vehicle at any time although additional trips can be arranged if necessary at an additional cost.

2. The journeys that will be under taken are those listed on the booking form only.

3. Any other journey that may be required should be requested at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding or hire date and may be subject to an additional charge. Full payment will be made one month before wedding date or hire date.

4. Our car regularly serviced and maintained. However, in the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown we cannot provide alternative transport.

5. A non-refundable deposit of £60 depending on service to book the Maserati for your wedding date or special event.

6. We will write to you approximately six weeks before the agreed wedding date to clarify all arrangements and to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions you may wish to ask.

7. The balance of the total cost is payable 1 calendar month before the agreed wedding date.

8. Maserati Memories carry a strict No Smoking policy which also includes E- lighters within the Vehicle.

9. Maserati Memories do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of the hirer’s property.

10. Maserati Memories do not take any responsibility for the Weather Conditions on the day of the booking.

11. Only Drinks supplied by Maserati Memories may be consumed in the vehicle unless a prior arrangement has been made in writing, six weeks before the agreed wedding date.

12. Maserati Memories may occasionally use your photographs for external advertising purposes.

13. Maserati Memories have the right to refuse entry to the vehicle if deemed that the client is unfit to travel for any reason. In the event of this occurring no refund will be rewarded.

14. Any internal and external damage to the hired car by the wedding party, will be responsible and will be charged according to repairs.

15. Preferred method of payment: Cash and, Bank transfer.

16. An agreed time from the client and Maserati Memories for the final arrival time must be used and written on the booking form. Any Changes, Maserati Memories MUST be notified at once by writing or Email at least one month before wedding / hire date. Maserati Memories reserve the right to leave at the agreed time on the booking form.

17. Any change in travel arrangements, Maserati Memories MUST be notified at once, by writing or Email. Maserati Memories reserve the right to issue a full refund, at any time before wedding / hire date if client has changed their mind.

18. Maserati Memories will give 15 minutes of grace time after agreed time on booking form. Anything after this time Maserati Memories will have the right to change excess payment of £50.

19. Maserati Memories reserve the right to change any items listed on this terms and conditions without notice. Prices are corrected at time of creation. The terms and conditions can be read on the website at any time. Signature is required at the end of this document, in doing so client understand the terms and conditions which Maserati Memories adhered to.

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