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Thursday, 11 May 2017 17:35

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Phil have a great passion for the love of cars and, Scalextric slot cars. In the past they was a Jaguar club members, driving a V12 6l XJS. This car won best in class for a car show. Let me tell you, those classic car boys’ take it very seriously. 

It was a sad day when we sold her she was a really nice car, always put a smile on our face when we took her for a drive. We said we would buy another one day to make us happy and the Maserati ticks ALL the boxes.

One day Phil said ‘let’s buy a Maserati Quattroporte.  Aurora (That’s what I call her) is Maserati Quattroporte fully loaded with toys to use. Dab TV, DVD player, heated seats. The rear seats recline, oh yeah they do, its full of leather, wood all the way. This car cost over 100k when new,  I cannot tell you how luxurious she is; you just have to see it for yourself. If you are over 6ft tall, you can arrive comfortably in style. Aurora puts most other cars to embarrassment, her engine is a true Ferrari (F430), she is designed by Pininfarina and built by Maserati with lots of Ferrari parts. 

On this website I have links to Maserati and Neptune (Trident logo) under History of. So take some time have a cup of tea and, have a read. I’m also a professional award – winning photographer : www.irisphoto.co.uk  I would love to take your wedding photos on the day for you. 

We both would love you to enjoy our Maserati Quattroporte known as Aurora from Maserati Memories to compliment your special day.

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