Maserati Quattroporte

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    Maserati Tradition

    we can't forget what really lies at the root of the Maserati tradition

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    Pleasure of refined, spacious yet functional surroundings.

    The design of the Quattroporte's interior is the perfect extension of the exterior styling, its luxurious functionality encompassing the Quattroporte's twin personalities

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    Eight cylinders of thoroughbred temperament

    A normally aspirated 4244 cc 90 degree V8 is the new generation Maserati power unit chosen for the Quattroporte.

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    Clean air, onboard computer, TV and concert hall quality music.

    The automatic separate front and rear climate control that comes as standard with the Quattroporte guarantees optimal onboard conditions.

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    Dynamic GT driving at the touch of a button

    The skyhook adaptive damping system is controlled by software designed to offer optimum in-car comfort

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    Luxury woods and natural leather

    If a car is to be truly special, it has to meet its owner's every need and desire: just the right leather (natural if necessary) or stitching colour and solid woods with grain, inlays and colours that can either contrast or match.

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    Bespoke styling at its best.

    The personalisation programme has been developed for the Quattroporte that is worthy of any couturier. Their unparalleled catalogues of bespoke options allow owners to literally put together their very "own" Quattroporte.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 14:54

Dynamic GT driving at the touch of a button

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Dynamic GT driving at the touch of a button Dynamic GT driving at the touch of a button By Iris Photography & Design

The skyhook adaptive damping system is controlled by software designed to offer optimum in-car comfort. The system is renowned for its ability to absorb every bump on the road for an incredibly comfortable ride combined with excellent performance and sportiness. Acceleration sensors monitor the movements of the wheels and the car's body, instantly adapting the calibration of the dampers to suit. Skyhook is a staggering 10 times faster than conventional systems currently available. The driver can also choose between two modes: Normal (soft) and Sport (Hard) to suit the style of driving required. 


The Skyhook system works in tandem with highly developed suspension architecture with front and rear double wishbones with arms and hubs in forged aluminium. Pininfarina-designed 18" (19" to order) wheels complete the picture. The Maserati Stability Program offers drivers extra support in difficult situations to. Developed by Maserati, it interfaces with ABS, EBD and ASR functions and acts on the brakes and engine to guarantee the driver stays in control of the car even at critical moments. A series of sensors pick up any anomaly in the car's ideal dynamic behaviour. Just like Skyhook, the MSP operates using two different logics which the driver can choose by touching the Sport button on the central console which allows it to act simultaneously on the suspension calibration, stability control and shift speed.


The Quattroporte's steering stays direct and precise yet light and responsive even in sportier driving conditions. Electronic control means that the power steering works at the speed the car is moving thus offering optimal sensitivity at high speeds and light comfortable manoeuvring. It also has a 12.3-metre turning circle.


The Quattroporte's braking system is exceptionally powerful and effective too. Manufacturing by Brembo, it consists of four vented disc brakes (front 330mm, rear 316 mm) with four-pot callipers on the front and two-pots callipers o the rear, plus a power brake. The system also has an ABS anti-lock system and electronic braking effort distribution (EBD) which spread the braking force more evenly between the rear and fore carriage. Both, by the way, are integrated with the MSP stability control system. When the brakes are hit at 100 km/h, the Quattroporte decelerates at 10.2m/s and comes to a complete stop in 36.9m. 


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